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Me and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee Me and Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
Wow, do I look dorky.

Today I went to the Bluegrass Festival of Books in order to hear Stephanie Pearl-McPhee talk. I got a book signed for me and one for unmutual. Stephanie was just as funny in person as in her blog and books. Since so many of us wanted to talk to her and she was being shooed from the room she gave her talk in, she very kindly agreed to meet us at a coffee shop down on the first floor of the building. We all sat around and knit and talked and I met some very nice knitters from Lexington and surrounding areas. Will definitely be trying to meet up with the local Stitch n' Bitch more often. As things were wrapping up, Stephanie needed directions to Alfalfa's and I had the time so I walked her there and back. She was incredibly nice and funny to talk to and didn't seem scared off by my rampant babbling. Part of my mind was yelling at me to shut up with my fan-girling about Canada and Toronto. Sorry Stephanie!


Knitters abound Knitters abound
Some of the folks sitting around and knitting during the signing
More people More people
Pictures of people with the Traveling Sock Pictures of people with the Traveling Sock
Stephanie at her table Stephanie at her table
Nice girl I talked to Nice girl I talked to
Her father drove her 4 hours for this event.
Lime green lover with socks Lime green lover with socks
This lady loved lime green and socks.
Book signing Book signing
Even more people Even more people


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That is Ptolemy, the African Bush snake (Philothamnus semivariegatus). Looks like a green mamba with a black mamba mouth... and he's VERY defensive, hehehehe
Augh! Dammit! Seriously, congrats, looks like you had fun. I'm adding this to Memories so I can look at the pics and pretend I was there.