i'm gonna knock the door into the world of perfect free

This fiber gave me the fits. It was oddly prepared and had to be coaxed into something spinnable. It was short stapled and I flipped out at it a few times and put it into time out when I wasn't able get it twisted enough to stay together. I spun the sunshine-colored stuff in a fit of frustration with the purple.

But it looks like something real. It looks actually like yarn. Certainly not perfect, but it looks, and feels good (especially if you ignore all the knots in the underplied spots).

And now it goes to live with metachaos, who will hopefully knit something mindless for herself out of it.
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Wow... wow. You've become quite the spinner! And I seem to remember that sunshine roving. :P
:) I'm spinning that little superwash merino batt too, on my .5 oz drop spindle. Oh, and some of that big braid of merino on my other drop spindle.