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i know i'll always be here
Things have been very slow on the knitting front lately. That would mostly be due to a big, manly sweater.
Starbucks Jacket - Pile of Pieces
Starbucks Jacket (actually the "Herringbone Jacket" by Wendy Baker) in Rowan Cashsoft for Paul's dad. Very luxurious feeling. I really want to finish it just so I can lounge around in it a bit before giving it to him...

It had been on hold for a while. It was too hard to brain while being hypothyroid, so I just couldn't keep track of the stitch pattern and decreasing for the neck and armhole at the same time for the front. It was on hold until the drive out to San Francisco.
SF Sweater Progress
Note that part that says it was knit twice on the trip? I had worked on that section at least twice before the trip, trying to get the shaping and pattern to work out. When I picked it back up again, I very happily got it almost all the way to the shoulder and matched it up to the back to check the length... and realized I had done the shaping for the opposite side of the front. Ripped it back down to the armhole and started over with the decreases.

Fortunately, it worked out and I got most of the other front finished while in the car. Huzzah. Now I'm working on the sleeves.

Other things that may be tricky when you don't have any brains:
Hot Rocks - Half a Foot
Socks patterns by Cat Bordhi. At least it was relatively simple for a while. This is an old photo, as I am currently past the heel and almost finished with the leg.

Relatively good knitting when stupid:
Logcabin - First
Toobs for your hands. Felt the need for a new pair of wrist warmers that allowed for dexterity. Hoping number two will be done soon.

Presenting the most excellent mindless knitting:
Stripe Spring - Finished
Stripey Spring [Ravelry link]
Pattern: Noro Striped Scarf by Jared Flood
Materials: Noro Kureyon in 164 and 214
Needles: US 7 / 4.5 mm straights
Amount: 2 skeins of each color
Knit for: me
Comments: I had severe doubts after I started seeing how the colors were coming together, but now that it is finished, I love it. I want to make a hat to match. I would definitely knit this scarf again, just to see how other color combinations worked.

One more before I go, a sideways hat:
Abalone - Front
Abalone [Ravelry link]
Pattern: Abalone by Wooly Wormhead
Materials: di.Ve' Autunno in 32965
Needles: US 8 / 5 mm straights
Amount: 2 skeins but with a good amount left of the second
Knit for: me
Comments: Wouldn't really recommend for the currently brainless, but really not a hard knit after you do one. I did omit the little curlicues at the top, but now I kind of wish I had done them. Maybe there will be another. (Done in Kureyon, to match my scarf...)

And that's it for this installment... maybe I'll post about some of my spinning next time.

ogods I love your stripey scarf! It's making me want to knit another one for myself - the socks aren't quite fulfilling the urge, what with the pain in the assness of making stripes in the round.

And that Ditto yarn is striping up in a way I totally didn't expect, from looking at the balls in the store.

S&W S&W S&W can't wait omg :)

I am so excited to be going!

I am liking the pattern of the Ditto yarn. It isn't what I expected either, but I like watching the colors come up.

What would you charge for a pair of knit gloves (custom colors), possibly fingerless ones? :)

Email me what you are thinking and I can get you a more accurate quote. :)

I saw that when they were using the blogs to get the word out for the move. So fascinating! There is a full human size pattern out for the Coraline sweater out also. It's very tempting. (Blue! Stars! OMG!)